Andrea & Weave Luxury Lash in 'Adriana’

Andrea & Weave Luxury Lash in 'Adriana’

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A pair of luxury handmade 3D faux hair lashes that will offer you added volume and dramatic length for that sexy, "winged-eye" look.

The 'Adriana' is outgoing, and attention-grabbing. With a high distribution of lashes on each lash strip, these lashes add volume, and its gradual increase in lash length throughout each strip gives you the "cat-eye" effect, making your eyes look larger and sultry, giving you an attractive and smoldering gaze.

The Andrea & Weave Luxury Lash Range can be re-used up to 30 times with proper care and maintenance.


No. of Lashes Per Box: 2 Luxury 3D Faux Hair Lashes