Collection: Clip In Hair Extensions

Want it all? No problem. The Andrea & Weave Clip In Hair Extensions offer you luxurious volume and length.
If you're the individual that loves their hair luscious, shiny, bouncy and effortless, these Clip-In Hair Extensions are made for you. Easy to use, able to be put on in just a matter of minutes, these extensions are perfect for those who want instant glamour in their hair. Stack on up to three sets of these Andrea & Weave Hair Clip In Hair Extensions for that sexy bombshell vibe, or layer one on for that cute, natural, pretty girl-next-door look!
Browse for seamless blending, comfortable, snap-in clips and Kanekalon Futura fibre technology that requires even less styling time. Achieve effortless volume and endless lengths with these hair extensions, available in 25 different hues.

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